Richard Bowell


For the past 40 years, Richard Bowell has focused his life on becoming a reliable source for the understanding and engagement and translation of a world in change.

In 2011, he moved with his wife to the relative solitude of a Greek island to focus efforts on accessing those insights that might better provide service in a failing world.

As an O-1 visa recognized person of ‘exceptional merit’ by the American Government, his projects, books and presentations and original work have been acknowledged at the highest level.


Leading voices in a new time

As a leading figure in the Evolutionary Leaders Synergy Circle, together with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Kurt Johnson, Gregg Braden and Diane Williams, Richard has contributed the Essential Shift and the SDGAs towards the evolving platform for an International World Citizen Movement.

His book, ‘A Guidebook for Conscious World Citizens – An Urgent Plea from the Future’ is a best-selling book at the UN and the foundation for Conscious World Citizens.


Dr. Kurt Johnson, Eminent Scientist, Author and Evolutionary Leader:
“Richard’s work is a holistic cosmology.”


Dr. Stephen Porges, Professor Psychiatry at Illinois University, Director of the Mind/Body Institute: “Enormously insightful and intelligent – a new vocabulary to understand ourselves.”


Dr. Stephen Covey, Best-selling author:
“Richard’s work is profound and far reaching.”


Andrew Cohen, #1 New York Times Best-selling Author: 
“Richard’s work is deeply profound and a gift to the future.”


Ken Wilber, Acclaimed Philosopher and Author:
“Richard’s excellent work is a fine example of those more integral meta perspectives that are really more inclusive, more comprehensive, more embracing and more caring… the importance of this more comprehensive approach and correlatively, the inadequacy of anything less, is surely at the core of the next major evolutionary change now facing humanity.”

Richard Bowell
“There are so many influences from wisdom traditions past to a living example of truth in my own time that I am deeply grateful for, but my work stands alone as a fresh attempt to address the great questions:  Why are we here on this planet and what is it our purpose – to do?”

In his latest book ‘The Last Unpolluted Place on Earth is Inside OurSelves’ Richard explores the inner human ecology as part of the human attempt to come to grips with a new world that begins inside oneself.

Publication date December 2020

Since 2014, Richard Bowell has provided his courses, books and original work on Conscious World Citizens exclusively through the Global Center for Human Evolutary Change in New York.  

To learn more about the work of Richard Bowell and Conscious World Citizens, simply send us a request and his office will be in contact with you.