“Our Evolutionary Next Steps”

Through courses, programs, live sessions, interviews and videos the dialogue with a new time gains momentum and a convergence of views begin to emerge…..
-Dr. Kurt Johnson (Academy Coordinator)

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You will engage with, learn from, and explore with Thought Leaders whose original work has been focused on ‘What is Next?’ in our evolving journey of life on this earth.



Crisis and breakdown foretell of the opportunities for conscious living.

The Conscious World Citizens Academy provides programs of the inner human development of Consciousness that can implement the sustainable development goals.

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What kind of future?

We are living in significant times now.  The global pandemic is the latest in a long line of dilemmas that we all face as citizens of this one world.

It cannot be ‘solved’ at the same level-of-thinking that created the problem in the first place.  It’s the same when we try to address the challenges of climate change, global poverty, pollution, and regional conflict.

Each one of us has a responsibility and a choice to make.  We can either rise to a new level of being human on this planet or risk becoming extinct.  There is no disputing this, as scientists have made this utterly clear.

Are you ready to be part of a new brighter future?

Where are you?

Is anyone out there?  Is anyone trying to understand the significance of the events unfolding around the globe?  Are you paying attention?

Our planet is sending us a message – a signal for each one of us to register.  Are you listening?

Our ways of being on this planet are not sustainable.  We are now living in the consequences of our outdated ways.  Each one of us has an opportunity to be part of a new future.  We just have to wake up and take on the responsibility.  We must update the level of thinking of ourselves to the times in which we are living.

The choice is ours to make.


But it is our Inner World the is polluted……the direct cause of what is so alarming in our outer world.

We say, “To transform our outer world requires us to transform ourselves first.”

-Each of the 17 Alignments set our direct targets to be achieved
-Each alignment is a specific elevation of self to see what one can do

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