The First Template Sequence Of Change


It Begins Here – The First Template Sequence Of Change!

Just watch the three videos below on ‘The Conscious World Citizen Code’
by Author and Philosopher, Richard A. Bowell.

They show the first steps in undertaking an essential shift in these times, so we can begin to really SEE what is occurring in front of our eyes and the way to take up a different part and responsibility for a new future.
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Until we transform ourselves, we cannot hope to transform the world!

Conscious World Citizens: Part I

Conscious World Citizens: Part II

Conscious World Citizens: Part III

A Guide to Conscious World Citizenship
Extract about the best-selling book at the UN

Mission of the Global Center for Human Change

The Global Center for Human Change is dedicated to supporting a specific kind of evolutionary update in these times that brings us humans into a more harmonious relationship with the planet and all life here.

There is no doubt that we are facing significant global challenges in our world today – climate change, the coronavirus, plastic pollution, economic breakdown – these are just some of the major themes affecting us all.

It is understandable that many feel overwhelmed by all the problems we face but the one issue that is more important than all others is this: ‘Unless we transform ourselves, we cannot hope to transform the world around us.’

I first heard these words at a presentation made by Richard Bowell to Ambassadors and Diplomats at the United Nations in New York. It reinforced my own way of thinking and brought to mind another set of words, that are commonly quoted but little understood:

‘The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them’.

Listening to Richard’s presentation, gleaned from a lifetime spent in the singular pursuit to access that ‘higher level’ of thinking, it became clear that a whole movement of change was already taking place right in front of our eyes and in ourselves.

The research of so many people in fields as diverse as neuroscience and evolutionary biology to the study of multiple intelligences, consciousness and the unreleased potential of the human brain, were all coming to this same conclusion. A field, a quantum field, a meta level of intelligence many suggested, could be accessed and would show us a very different picture of reality from which to address the challenges we faced.

Not everyone saw the significance of the work that Richard was presenting on that day but it quickened in me a resolve to team up with him and pioneer the courses and programs that could bring this work to people around the world in a clear way.

Together and later with others, we trialed sessions at the United Nations, in universities and to the public at large. Its impact was palpable to more and more people – that much was clear.

Gradually, the world is catching up to this new reality. We have nowhere else to search for a new level of solution to the challenges we face but within ourselves. They simply cannot be solved by intergovernmental meetings taking place ‘at the same level’ as before. New solutions and new levels of response need to be found NOW.

I am very proud to introduce you to this work and the courses and programs we have developed and planned for 2022.

The first step we are taking is to make this book: ‘The Essential Shift’ – A Guide to Becoming a Conscious World Citizen’ available to all and to provide updates and follow up material for your engagement.

Michael Shewchuk Co-Founder

Human Evolutionary Change Conscious World Citizens

We are all citizens of this one planet. Every single person reading this has this same fundamental feature in common with every other person – we were all born somewhere on this planet.

Our relationship with the planet has become the main focus of our times as we are all witnessing the way we humans have impacted it to the point where it can no longer bear the load of our ways of living.

The main focus of this work is to support a significant human response to the common challengeswe face from the vital insight that only change can make a difference and that this change is inside ourselves.

‘The significant challenges we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them’ – the implication of these words has come to sum up our mission – to find a new level from which to address the challenges we face.

The person grows within the context of living in an ecology (natural and society formed) in much the same way as a plant grows in the earth in which it is planted and the ecology of the area.

In this first sequence, the simple stages of the human self in growth are likened to the stages of the growth of a plant from seed and root to stem and flower.

Sequences of Growth

Conscious World Citizens Third Self (flower head)

World Citizens Second Self (stem)


First Self (seed and root)

At each stage of growth the function of our self, its purpose (why) changes.

If the general notion that we can do what we want with the planet goes unchallenged then this narrow view stunts a person’s growth, whereas if one is surrounded by open ideas in which one has to think about them for oneself, it stimulates a person’s growth.

Consciousness is a further level of ideas, insights… a level beyond our exploration – an affirmation and recognition that we are a living part of the whole of life and not separate.

We live in a world where many ideas that have been considered acceptable and even an authority,have shown themselves to lock the progress of human growth and limit a clearer vision of the way we can come to live harmoniously on the planet.

We need to grow to a new level of self to really SEE what our function in a different future can be.

Working these ideas and the sequence that follows through one’s systems can show a new level ofpurpose where we can all find a powerful and significant response to these times…


‘We are all citizens of this one planet. Every single person reading this has this same fundamental feature in common with every other person – we were all born somewhere on this planet.’

Take a moment to think about it and let the commonality of this fact, that is same for all, gather inside you some examples to add to the ones below:

Our experience of this world is colored by where we were born and by the impressions that we process from the environment around us. The light, the sounds, the kinds of animals and faces of the people and things we encounter.

The music we hear, the vibrations of the land, its topography, the land shape and whether it is flat or mountainous, whether there are forests or lakes whether the climate was hot and humid or cool…

These impressions daily coursed through our senses and systems when we first arrived on this planet, forming our first sense of identity and our ‘home’ as a citizen of this planet.

It is largely taken for granted, so inured are we by our surrounding circumstances and the unique ecology we grew up in, that we hardly notice it.

Bringing these elements of oneself at this level together reaffirms a level of thinking that underpins all that follows.

World Citizens

We are also world citizens, growing up in the larger context of a much larger world than our own locality, able to reflect on the first level of our awareness of our self. This provides options, choices and responsibilities to think outside the first level of thinking.

Again, just gather some of the evidence of this: we meet others from different backgrounds, we travel to other parts of the world and are exposed to other sounds, music, ways, faces that broaden our reference for being a world citizen.

Some bring back their experiences and their impressions of often faraway places and people – different to their own. We adapt these impression and ways to the rich weave of life (at least those we deem to be positive experiences) or we reject them (often through ignorance and lack of understanding).

Even when watching television or being on the internet, we are taking in the impressions of a larger world and from this level we consider much more than just our own locality. The foods we eat come from all over the world, the cars we drive, the goods we buy, the clothes we wear, they are made in places far and wide.

As world citizens we are constantly reminded that we are part of an ongoing world and world culture of life that spans the whole planet and that we are a patchwork of the whole.

We have increasingly shared discoveries and experiences in such realms as technology and medicine and science to address the challenges we face globally – most recently the vaccines to manage and eradicate the coronavirus, while local and nations interest has often co-opted these sharing from benefiting all.

Take the time to gather from this level further examples: the music, ideas, customs, opinions, researches, technologies that are shared views across the world.

Today, a new level of awareness, conscious awareness (being aware of our awareness) of ourselves as world citizens, bound together in the need to address the significant global challenges we all face, has quickened. BUY THE BOOK

Conscious World Citizens

There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the international community of 193 nations, that have identified the main challenges we face, that science has laid out that are the same for all.

Coronavirus, climate change, plastic pollution … these issues transcend the boundaries of our locality. We witness gatherings from 193 nations trying to put aside local differences in forums at the United Nations and elsewhere – with limited success.

The implication is that if we all get together we can sort out these problems, but we cannot solve these problems at this level of thinking – and as urgent as the gatherings at intergovernmental levels have been (26 COP and counting) – they cannot get free of the attachment of old identities.

It is increasingly recognized that a new start is needed at a new level – and the young people of the world have shown the way in this.

Ever since the first image of our planet was taken and transmitted from outer space back to earth we became conscious of the finite and fragile encompassment of our lives as an envelope of gases and chemicals, an atmosphere that seemed frighteningly porous.

It was striking how vulnerable this space might be to damage like any ecosystem. That we took our planet for granted as if it would be forever guaranteed began to cause us to re-evaluate our human reality. At any moment in time a meteor or some greater force could wipe life out, little considering that it was in fact ourselves and our ways of living on the planet that would become the greatest threat to the continuance of life here.

The term Conscious World Citizens directs the person to a line of evolution to what we call Evolutionary Change in that it must always have been inevitable that we would face the real challenge that we either grew up to have a new respect for our part in the play of life from a new level of thinking or we ran the risk of disregarding this reality for the sake of a few more years of using up the remaining resources of this planet still at our disposal.

Our current reality touches on a new level of thinking in which we humans have a different part to play. We are growing up from adolescence to mature adulthood – this is the single greatest challenge of our times at the heart of all other challenges.

This is an extract only from the book, ‘The Essential Shift’ – A Guide to Becoming a Conscious World Citizen’, that continues to unfold the simple INSIGHT that ‘Until we transform ourselves, we cannot hope to transform the world around us’.

There you can follow the many templates of human growth that support an essential shift in human levels – read the book and receive the newsletters about the work now becoming part of a new level of global consciousness

Please send me the book, the template and keep me updated through newsletters and additional material about the work of Conscious World Citizens globally and keep me informed about the opportunities to help the world undertake a real change from a new level of consciousness.