Meeting at and working for the United Nations, the Three Original Founders established a global research team to enhance the insight about the human side of the way we address the challenges of our times.

‘It is not more information about the breakdown of the world that is needed – it is the way we deeply relate to ourselves living on the planet that is so often absent in our response to the challenges we face.’

– Founder, Richard A. Bowell

  • Alongside the SDGs our work on the SDG ‘Inner Human’ Alignments was supported by the United Nations and shared with its network of colleges and universities.
  • Alongside the ever-growing body of work and information by scientists and
    environmentalists internationally, our CWC Academy grew to reflect a different approach to knowledge as the field of consciousness rather than information.
  • As World Citizens affected by the events of our times, we grew within the insight of being Conscious World Citizens realizing a different future.

Together…. it works!

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